The dynamics of our modern awareness of time and the stresses they bring are clear. At the same time, more and more people are trying to live in harmony with their bio-rhythms. Can the problem of time´s urgency really be solved in this way? Or does the solution lie in a third approach, in a specific human time dynamic?

The ancient Greeks made a distinction between Chronos, Aeon (life time) and Kairos, the opportune moment. Early Christianity interpreted Kairos as the meaningful time of history. Since about 25 years a new Kairology has been developed. Its argument: the symbolic or practical discourse about Kairos conceals the notion of a hidden system of global human timing that can be decoded using modern tools.

A surprising scientific breakthrough in identifying the link between micro and macro-historical patterns triggered the development of a new model for human Kairos time. For a historical Kairology, each human moment in time is a Kairos, determined by up to eight parameters. These constitute a constantly changing dynamic between biographical and historical developmental forces, referred to as “creative fields”, within which the human spirit is linked to its evolutionary time forces in a certain way. The fields have considerable influence over the interplay between input and output within the brain. The model is inspired by different disciplines, particularly modern physics.

At the Institute for Kairology we have therefore developed a new kind of Kairos watch and the design comes from Xeller-Training. Its Kairos configuration indicates the actual significance of something for one person and establishes their place in the historical present. As all the fields are interconnected with one another in some way it can help chart future changes in forces.

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